The SunPass Transponder Replacement Program

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As part of our SunPass program, we are replacing older transponders with new and well-tested SunPass transponders. We provide this program at NO COST to you and will provide a transponder of your choice without interrupting your SunPass service. This transponder replacement is necessary for SunPass to provide the highest customer service possible and is essential to its growth.

Better and More Efficient Toll Collections

SunPass has always been on the cutting edge of technology in electronic toll collection. To keep in step with long-term improvement plans, your transponders must be upgraded to provide the best and most accurate level of service. Through numerous tests, our new transponders produce a much higher level of satisfaction and accuracy for our SunPass customers.

Future Opportunities to Use Your SunPass in Other States

We listened and we acted on one of the most requested topics heard at SunPass. Starting with North Carolina, SunPass will offer the ability to use your transponder in other states. As other states are added to our SunPass compatibility list, you will be able to travel to those states and never worry about the ability to pay for out-of-state tolls using your prepaid SunPass account. Over time, our plan is to have one transponder do all the work!